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Principal Support and Education Change

The PfP programme offers a variety of benefits for the School Principals, learners, teachers, and the school community:
• Improves leadership skills of School Principals
• Strengthens communities by building relationships with teachers, learners, parents, Principals and other people
and organisations involved at the school
• Increases self-esteem of Principals as they re-discover their gifts and capacity to lead the school community
• Engages parents as active partners in education so that children are more supported and have a better chance to
do well at school
• Generates a strong sense of community and connection to the school, which leads to improved safety and
improved opportunity for the children of the community.

The Theory of Change in the school system is based on recognition that change must be led by School Principals, and that they need to rediscover their capacity to lead change in their schools and communities. Principals are expected to lead this, but often are not equipped to deal with social change.

Partners for Possibility has many Business Leaders acting in an actively engaged team to provide support. In addition, with the school seen as the hub of a community, parents have been recruited to become more involved in the schools through a 'social contract' that encourages them to make a contribution. A wide range of groups have also been involved to help principals guide the development of a vision for their schools.

Download/View the Theory of Change Document here

Download/View the PfP Case for Principal Development here

Watch Louise Van Rhyn’s talk on Cross-sector reciprocal relationships as a catalyst for change in Education.


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