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Rainbow Primary School Rainbow Primary School Cross-Cultural Workshops

Rainbow Primary School is situated in Wesbank, a township in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. The township is home to a variety of people from different cultures.

Cultural barriers at the school were identified as an inhibitor to the working relationships of educators. The school thus hosted workshops to address these cultural differences. The workshops took place every Thursday for eight weeks during the third school term of 2013.

The objective of the workshops was to build trust between educators and for staff to learn to appreciate their cultural differences.

The workshops were facilitated by trained facilitators of the Cross Cultural Conversations Programme ( The facilitators were also Sanlam employees who have a relationship with the school.  

30 November -1, 00:00

Oude Molen High School Career Expo at Oude Molen


The Principal of Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology, Tony Marshall, wrote the following piece about the inspiration for a Career Expo at the High School and his experiences on the day:

“Ever since Valda Clarke’s decision to have a down-to-earth Careers Expo at Steenberg High School last year, I have been jealous.  This jealousy is not of the cardinal sin variety.  Rather it was an inspiration to ask Valda and Veronica and latterly Kariba to help Oude Molen and Environs to offer the same in the Northern reaches of our Team.  They agreed.

We set about roping people in to do a presentation and be available to talk to all in attendance– chiefly Grade 9 and Grade 11 learners and their parents. The idea was to do an expo at Heathfield High School on 7 September 2013 and one at Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology on 14 September 2013.

We made an appeal to people we know or could cold call in 5 different career categories:  Vocational; Technical; Artistic; Commercial & Retail; Scientific; Civil Society.

I approached the Principals of the following high schools:  Pinelands, Vista Nova, Buren, Salt River, Maitland, Kensington and Windermere.

The expo was opened by the ward councilor, Alderman Brian Watkyns, who was quite enthusiastic about the expo idea and spent some time answering questions about a career in local politics.

However, the turnout was not as great as we expected it to be.  This was applicable to both the presenters and the learners.  Amongst other things, we were perhaps too optimistic given that the vast majority of learners at these schools are commuters. They would have had to make a special effort to commute to Oude Molen on a dreary, cold and wet winter’s day when the All Blacks were playing the Springboks!

Despite this, there were some very successful presentations. Chief among these were the Electronics and IT presentation by Stephan Roux, the presentation by eCAPS regarding careers in the Telecommunications Centre Sector, and Pick n Pay’s Retail Sector.  We owe them a debt of gratitude for their civic mindedness!

Thanks must go to the Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology’s Student Governing Body for supplying the venue, refreshments and the printing of invitations.  A special thanks also to Valda, Veronica and Kariba for their tireless support!”

Tony Marshall

30 November -1, 00:00

Nyameko Primary School Partnership Focus

For Sakkie Oosthuizen, from African Bank and Mxolisi Matrose, Principal of Nyameko Primary School, their journey as Partners for Possibility might have been short (they’ve only been partnered for the past 8 months out  of the 12 month Programme) but they have maximised their time together and the results, at Nyameko Primary School, are rather apparent.

When Sakkie was asked, at the beginning of his journey with Mxolisi Matrose, what he hopes to achieve during this new journey as a PfP he replied, “I hope to make a difference to all involved, from learners, educators and community members, so that we can better the lives of all. My hope is that one day Nyameko Primary will be an example of excellence in the community.”

Together the PfP’s have had a successful 8 months. They have had an i3 Profiling workshop and Team Building with the staff and the School Governing Body (SGB). They also hosted a community event that has left an imprint on the Mfuleni community. The PfP’s have built a friendship that will last past the one year PfP Programme.

On 18 July, the day known internationally as Mandela Day, the learners at Nyameko Primary School spent their 67 minutes, cleaning their surrounding community in Mfuleni, Cape Town.

Despite the cold weather, the learners cheerfully gathered in front of the school, where Sakkie and his team from African Bank had set up a PA system and entertained the learners with lively music.

The Principal, Mxolisi Matrose, addressed the learners, highlighting the importance of the day and a special prayer was said for Nelson Mandela. Four of the school’s learners then sang Happy Birthday to the former president, individually, each giving heartfelt performances.

 The younger learners cleaned the school grounds and the vegetable garden, and the grade 6 and grade 7 learners cleaned the streets outside the school. The Principal led by example, as he accompanied learners and shovelled dirt from the pavement too. Sakkie supplied the refuse bags in which the dirt was collected.

“It was really a pleasure for African Bank to be involved in this day today and I want to congratulate Nyameko Primary on the well-disciplined kids,” said Sakkie.

For Mxolisi and Sakkie this has grown past a Partnership and has become a friendship. Mxolisi echoes this as he says, “I hope our partnership will not end after the Celebration Evening  it will continue because there are a lot of things that I feel we can still achieve.”

For Sakkie, this has been a journey of personal growth as well, “I realised that by being a great listener you can achieve your goals. By just being a soundboard to Mxolisi, he has achieved a lot. Being able to listen to Mxolisi made the problems he faced much smaller, because he could talk to somebody from outside his normal daily environment”

30 November -1, 00:00

Nyameko Primary School Nyameko Primary School Team Building

On Saturday 11 May 2013, African Bank hosted a team building event for Nyameko Primary School at their Bellville office.  The event was held at the request of the Partners for Possiblity Mxolisi Matrose, principal of Nyameko Primary School, and Sakkie Oosthuizen from African Bank. It also served as a positive way for Sakkie, who is fairly new the programme, to get better acquainted with the school’s teaching staff, management team and governing body.

Merridy Edgson, learning process facilitator for the Leadership Circle, facilitated the event. Merridy uses an Integral Framework approach, which helps to develop creative and innovative ways to achieve goals.
This was the first event of its kind for Nyameko Primary School. Each participant completed an i3 profile to evaluate their strengths and preferences and was given individual feedback on this throughout the week leading up to the event. The Individual Instinctive Indicators (i3) Profiling identifies strengths and interests within the team building setup.

30 November -1, 00:00

Nyameko Primary School Nyameko Primary School Feeding Scheme

The vegetable garden at Nyameko Primary School has injected new life into the Mfuleni community. It is tended to by a group of elderly community members and the project is being run under the auspices of the Bambanani Project.

The School Principal, Mxolisi Matrose, is very pleased that Bambanani approached the school to be a part of this project.  Prior to this initiative, the school had been trying to maintain a garden but was struggling to do so, especially during school holidays.
Half of the produce is used for the school feeding scheme and the other half provides for members of the community that are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Partner for Possibility to the Principal, Sakkie Oosthuizen, has generously donated a variety of seeds to the project. Vegetables that are currently being grown include spinach, onions and cabbage. Cauliflower seeds were recently planted but it was damaged by the hail at the start of the winter months. Corn seeds will be planted next month as corn is one of the staple foods for many members of the community.

Despite the challenges that have been faced, which includes a lack of proper equipment, the community still remains very positive and cheerful about their vegetable garden.

30 November -1, 00:00

Heathfield High Heathfield High Career Day is a Success

On Saturday, 7th September 2013, approximately 30 businesses from various career streams gathered at Heathfield High School to share their knowledge and experience with Grade 9 and Grade 11 learners. The learners were from schools in the surrounding areas (Heathfield, Lavender Hill, Sibelius, Zwaanswyk and Steenberg).

The aim of the event was to give learners a broader perspective of job opportunities available to them. It allowed learners to engage with presenters from various occupations so that they can equip themselves to make better decisions regarding their subject choices, which could have an impact on the career path that they wish to pursue.

30 November -1, 00:00

Bardale Primary School Blog PfP Reflection


Partners for Possibility is committed to the radical transformation of South Africa’s education system. We believe this can be achieved by mobilising South African citizens to rally around School Principals and staff educators, enabling them to experience an upward spiral of change.

Such change cannot be achieved overnight. It requires hard work, determination and commitment from all stakeholders, but with a willingness to see it through, real change can be realised.

Ntombiyosindiso, better known as Sindy, leads the newly-established Bardale Primary School of 1205 learners in Mfuleni.

The school is situated in a community in which poverty and unemployment are rife. Sindy explains that the lack of parental involvement and learner discipline are the biggest challenges facing the school. “We are crying out for parents to become more involved,” she says. “I would love to see more parents actively involved in meetings, forums and school activities. Together we can make a difference.”

Sindy saw the PfP Programme as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the school and the broader community it serves. She hopes that through the programme, and with the help and support of her Partner for Possibility, Lennox Khadi, she was able to draw the community to the school and generate a positive reputation for the institution.

“Our youth have very few positive role models in today’s society,” Sindy says. “My vision for the school is to build-up and equip responsible citizens that value education.”

“The TIME TO THINK training left me feeling confident and empowered. I now have the confidence to lead without fear.”

For Lennox Khadi, from African Bank, embarking on this journey with Sindy is an opportunity to be a part of the change.

“I appreciate Sindy’s humble nature and the way she handles her challenges without stress. She sees opportunities in every challenge and this has changed my mind set. Sindy tends to put other people first which makes a positive impact. She has taught me not to be focused on challenges but on opportunities,” says Lennox.

The Partnership between him and  Sindy is a fortunate one, Lennox says. They both hail from Grahamstown and they share personality traits such as humility, ambition and innovation.

“I’ve always been a problem-solver,” he says, “I try not to get discouraged by the negatives, but rather look for ways to better the situation.”

He acknowledges that tackling the difficulties facing Bardale Primary School was no easy task, but welcomed the challenge.

For Sindy the support of her PfP has been priceless, “Lennox has managed to support me through thick and thin, even though he is the youngest PfP in our LC. But, he has left a mark in my life and my leadership as a school manager.”

Lennox Khadi has only praises to sing about the Leadership Development Programme, “PfP has assisted me with personal development that uplifted my self-esteem in order to be confident on approaching challenges. It gave me a different approach on how to manage people, challenges and how I can see possibility in each challenge. The PfP Programme has equipped me with useful information and models that can be used in both the work environment and personal life, by understanding people and situations that surrounds a person and especially when you are working with a team.”

30 November -1, 00:00

Bardale Primary School Blog Bardale Primary School Eye-Testing

Eighty learners from Bardale Primary School, situated in Mfuleni, near Cape Town, had their eyes tested by an optometrist, free of charge.

On Monday morning, 22 July 2013, the learners were accompanied by two nurses from a Non-Governmental Organisation, Afrika Tikkun, and members of the school teaching staff as they walked to Afrika Tikkun’s Centre of Excellence.  The centre is situated in the Mfuleni community.

Afrika Tikkun is an international Non-Governmental Organisation that provides essential services to families living in township areas. Their main focus is on children and they primarily operate within the following core areas: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development, Nutrition and Food Security, Primary Health Care, Family Support Services, Children with Disabilities and Enterprise and Skills Development.

30 November -1, 00:00

C.L. Willmot Primary C.L. Willmot Heroes

Many advances are being made at C.L. Willmot Primary School and this is partially due to the establishment of the C.L Willmot Heroes. This initiative is co-ordinated by Partner for Possibility to Principal Mornay Adams, Andrew Cardoza.

The Heroes are parents and community members who feel that it is necessary for the children in their community to have positive role-models.  A few of the heroes do not have children at the school, and some, like Brandon Arendse, do not have any children of their own. He explained that his involvement in the school stemmed from his passion for working with children and in the community and that as a hero, he believes that, “Your child is my child”.

30 November -1, 00:00

C.L. Willmot Primary Technology advances school

While some may argue that the growth of technological advancements has negatively influenced the social interactions of today’s youth, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Google+ have had the opposite effect for C.L. Willmot Primary School. If anything, these social networks have enhanced this school’s communication.

“We have discovered a new way of doing things. Sending out printed letters to parents is now a thing of the past. We’ve found a way to have direct communication with them – a way that excites and motivates both learners and parents.”

These are the words of Mornay Adams, principal of C. L Willmot Primary School.  Following his partnership with Andrew Cardoza, technical director of Mobilitrix, the school has learnt to embrace a more modern way of communicating.

30 November -1, 00:00


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