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Bardale Primary School Blog Bardale Primary School Eye-Testing

Eighty learners from Bardale Primary School, situated in Mfuleni, near Cape Town, had their eyes tested by an optometrist, free of charge.

On Monday morning, 22 July 2013, the learners were accompanied by two nurses from a Non-Governmental Organisation, Afrika Tikkun, and members of the school teaching staff as they walked to Afrika Tikkun’s Centre of Excellence.  The centre is situated in the Mfuleni community.

Afrika Tikkun is an international Non-Governmental Organisation that provides essential services to families living in township areas. Their main focus is on children and they primarily operate within the following core areas: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development, Nutrition and Food Security, Primary Health Care, Family Support Services, Children with Disabilities and Enterprise and Skills Development.

30 November -1, 00:00

C.L. Willmot Primary C.L. Willmot Heroes

Many advances are being made at C.L. Willmot Primary School and this is partially due to the establishment of the C.L Willmot Heroes. This initiative is co-ordinated by Partner for Possibility to Principal Mornay Adams, Andrew Cardoza.

The Heroes are parents and community members who feel that it is necessary for the children in their community to have positive role-models.  A few of the heroes do not have children at the school, and some, like Brandon Arendse, do not have any children of their own. He explained that his involvement in the school stemmed from his passion for working with children and in the community and that as a hero, he believes that, “Your child is my child”.

30 November -1, 00:00

C.L. Willmot Primary Technology advances school

While some may argue that the growth of technological advancements has negatively influenced the social interactions of today’s youth, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Google+ have had the opposite effect for C.L. Willmot Primary School. If anything, these social networks have enhanced this school’s communication.

“We have discovered a new way of doing things. Sending out printed letters to parents is now a thing of the past. We’ve found a way to have direct communication with them – a way that excites and motivates both learners and parents.”

These are the words of Mornay Adams, principal of C. L Willmot Primary School.  Following his partnership with Andrew Cardoza, technical director of Mobilitrix, the school has learnt to embrace a more modern way of communicating.

30 November -1, 00:00

The Valley Primary Partnership tackles poverty and literacy

Placing the school at the centre of the community requires an understanding of the community’s needs, assessing the level of intervention required and implementing it. This is what Priscilla August, Principal of The Valley Primary School and her PfP Ansonette van der Merwe, of Capespan, realised as they embarked on their Partnership for Possibility.

The Valley Primary School is situated in a rural area, with learners coming from economically challenged families. Numerous learners are from poor surrounding farm worker communities or the local orphanage.  Parents are so busy earning a living, or have a limited education themselves, that most of the learners’ cognitive development, especially literacy and reading, is diminished due to the lack of exposure to a content rich pre-school environment.
Principal, Priscilla August explains: “If a specific intervention does not take place, in an attempt to decrease the effect of this underdevelopment early in the Foundation Phase, learners will probably suffer the dire consequences of this ‘inherited’ disadvantage throughout their education years.”

The intervention took place as the WordWorks© Programme, a pilot project, with the support of the Capespan Foundation and the assistance of 12 volunteers at the school.

“My PfP, Ansonette van der Merwe, is an extremely resourceful lady and having a teaching and pastoral background serves our school well,” Priscilla says, “she represented our school at the Kenridge Dutch Reform church when they started their community outreach project.”

Twanette Acker, the project co-ordinator of the Literacy Project, has a Master’s degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology. Upon hearing about the PfP initiative she was introduced to the partners and, after months of planning and preparing the volunteers, the WordWorks© Programme was launched.

“The WordWorks© Programme is fully volunteer-based. Twanette wanted an opportunity to run a project where her specific skills and qualifications, as well as her passion for books and reading, could be put to meaningful use to the benefit of a needy community.” Asonette says, “Planning started nearly 9 months ago. It involved canvassing volunteers, informing of all stake holders and creating a framework for the initiative.”  
Most of the volunteers are mothers who are willing to share a number of hours per week with learners at this school, while their own children are attending school elsewhere.  All the volunteers participated in an in depth training session which took place on Friday 8 February 2013.

During the first few weeks the volunteers had to first earn the confidence of the teachers and establish a routine. But even the initial one-on-one attention given to the Grade R and Grade 1 learners had already proved to be beneficial.

“The learners are showing signs of improvement both intellectually and emotionally. They are blossoming under the attention they receive,” Priscilla says, “The volunteers are eager, energetic and very trustworthy. They fetch the Gr.1 learners and work individually with each child.”

According to the Grade 1 teacher some learners have already shown an improvement in their average Literacy Skills Development compared to statistics over the same period of previous years. The learners’ excited participation in activities is noted by the regular bursts of laughter observed during every session.  

Ansonette notes that the volunteers have all confirmed that they at first thought they are ‘giving’ to the community, but have actually received something far greater in return.

“They are experiencing a profound sense of ‘making a difference in children’s lives’ and seeing the appreciation and delight in the children’s eyes which outweighs the initial time and effort committed! The volunteers’ hearts are connected to the greater cause, namely, to improve the quality of education for the learners.”

30 November -1, 00:00

Perivale Primary School Perivale Community Building Day

On Saturday 27th July, Perivale Primary School, in honour of it being Nelson Mandela Month, hosted their Community Building Day.

Principal Denzil van Graan, with the support of his Partner for Possibility Maria Hill, from Direct Axis, welcomed all the community members and organisations and, immediately, unveiled the new school vision,

“Perivale is a safe haven & a school reputed to grow responsible citizens, who have a passion for excellence & learning and who take pride in their environment.”

30 November -1, 00:00

Perivale Primary School Perivale Celebrates Mandela Day

In honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, Perivale Primary School celebrated Mandela Day 2013 with a host of activities at the school.  At an assembly, to commemorate South Africa’s greatest statesman, learners quoted some of Madiba's most famous sayings as well as giving a brief account of his life. The learners also sang the National Anthem with pride and sang a passionate Happy Birthday song for Nelson Mandela.

In attendance were various community leaders and organisations affiliated with the school. The donations and participation from the various stakeholders in the school and community was met with appreciation and gratitude from the school.

Ward councillor Leslie Isaacs, who, along with his team of volunteers, painted two Grade 6 classrooms. The Grade 4 learners were treated to an arts and craft session, facilitated by Prime Letting Rental, where they made proudly SA canvasses.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Johannesburg PfP Celebratory Evening 2013


Tlakukani Primary Ntsako adopts Louise

Ntsako (right) and friends

The positive effects of the Partners for Possibility Programme are not only felt by Principals and their Partners, or even just the school staff. It affects the learners too. Sometimes on a very personal level, as the excerpt below, about Louise Brits, Partner for Possibility to Principal, Ruth Mashaba, of Tlakukani Primary School wonderfully illustrates:

30 November -1, 00:00

Heathfield Primary Heathfield Primary: Celebrating Gifts


Heathfield Primary School boasts a new school sign which embodies the vision of the school as well as the philosophy of the Partners for Possibility Programme.

30 November -1, 00:00

Spurwing Primary Spurwing Soul Buddyz show Mandela Day spirit


As part of their Mandela Day Celebrations, Spurwing Primary School, in Electric City, Eerste River, had a Renovation Day on Saturday, 20th July 2013. The day was attended by educators, parents, community members and members of the school’s Soul Buddyz Club committee.

The grade 7 learners that form the committee worked just as hard and cheerfully as the adults - a testimony that anyone can be an active citizen, regardless of their age.
Soul Buddyz is an initiative that is a spin-off of the educational show of the same name. It was aired by the SABC. There are currently over 8 642 Soul Buddyz Clubs nationwide and each club shares the same vision: A platform that allows for children and adults to work together to promote action and awareness for children’s health and wellbeing.

30 November -1, 00:00


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