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Ravensmead High A Mandela Day with a difference

Mandela Day, 18 July, has long been an integral part of the Partners for Possibility Programme. Ravensmead High School decided to celebrate Mandela Day in a very different fashion to most other schools. The focus of their Mandela Day was on the learners and fostering good, healthy relationships between them. Principal Joseph Bouman and the staff, at the High School, felt that this was one way to address the low levels of respect and appreciation between the leaners and chose Mandela Day as their opportunity to address it.

Earlier in the school week, the learners chose names at random. Every learner had to bring a small luxury snack for the person whose name they chose. They also had to say a few kind words to the other learner.

The school day started with a short assembly where the learners were briefly provided with information on the life of Nelson Mandela, followed by a scripture reading and prayer. The learners also sang Happy Birthday to Madiba to commemorate the day.

30 November -1, 00:00


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