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Perivale Primary School Perivale Community Building Day

On Saturday 27th July, Perivale Primary School, in honour of it being Nelson Mandela Month, hosted their Community Building Day.

Principal Denzil van Graan, with the support of his Partner for Possibility Maria Hill, from Direct Axis, welcomed all the community members and organisations and, immediately, unveiled the new school vision,

“Perivale is a safe haven & a school reputed to grow responsible citizens, who have a passion for excellence & learning and who take pride in their environment.”

30 November -1, 00:00

Perivale Primary School Perivale Celebrates Mandela Day

In honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, Perivale Primary School celebrated Mandela Day 2013 with a host of activities at the school.  At an assembly, to commemorate South Africa’s greatest statesman, learners quoted some of Madiba's most famous sayings as well as giving a brief account of his life. The learners also sang the National Anthem with pride and sang a passionate Happy Birthday song for Nelson Mandela.

In attendance were various community leaders and organisations affiliated with the school. The donations and participation from the various stakeholders in the school and community was met with appreciation and gratitude from the school.

Ward councillor Leslie Isaacs, who, along with his team of volunteers, painted two Grade 6 classrooms. The Grade 4 learners were treated to an arts and craft session, facilitated by Prime Letting Rental, where they made proudly SA canvasses.

30 November -1, 00:00

Perivale Primary School Perivale Primary School receives furniture donation


Perivale Primary School, situated in Lotus River, Cape Town, was recently the fortunate recipient of a Furniture Donation by Symphonia for South Africa.  The furniture was donated to SSA and it was decided that furniture that could not be used at the Symphonia office, would be donated to one of the schools involved in the Partners for Possibility Programme.

An email was sent out to the various schools and Perivale Primary School was the first to respond. On Tuesday, 11 June, 2013, the Principal, Denzil van Graan, collected the furniture from the Symphonia offices. He is very grateful for the donation, “The staff and SGB of Perivale Primary School wish to thank Symphonia for considering our school as the recipient for the furniture donation”.

The school intends to use the furniture in the administrative clerk and Principal’s office, the grade 7 resource room and in the library and foundation phase resource room.

30 November -1, 00:00


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