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Partners for Possibility

PfP Blog Alpha Primary: Partnership Reflection

When Marius November, principal of Alpha Primary School in Morning Star, Durbanville, and Jessie Daniels from Consol embarked on their journey as Partners for Possibility, their main aim was to incorporate the PfP philosophy into the school’s vision and mission statement. They believed that if the parents of the learners were more involved in the school, it would become the centre of the Morning Star community.


30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Community Building at The Hill High School

For the first time in its existence, The Hill High School recently hosted a workshop that every member of staff attended.
The workshop was the product of a conversation between the Principal, Sean Marques, and his Partner for Possibility (PfP), Reinoud Willemsen.  The workshop was aimed at promoting unity amongst the diverse team of 69 staff members.

Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, the Learning Process Facilitator (LPF) of the Leadership Circle (LC) that the PfPs are part of, facilitated the workshop. It was based on the Learning the Art of Community Building workshops that all participants in the PfP Programme attend. Staff members were encouraged to interact with people outside of the group that they usually socialise with. As the workshop began, it became evident that most staff members did not even know each other’s first names!

The staff members uncovered each other's gifts and talents and every person in attendance contributed to a new vision for the school. “It was a very interesting space,” says Stephanie.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Qhayiya Secondary School increases their Pass Rate

The Principal of Qhayiya Secondary School, Nkosilungile Lolwana, has been part of the Partners for Possibility (PfP) Programme since March 2013. He has been the Principal of the school since 2011. Since Nkosilungile joined the school team, the school’s Matric Pass rate has been on the increase. In 2011, the school went from having a 32% pass rate in 2010 to having a 66% pass rate in 2011. The school had a 76.1% Matric Pass rate in 2013. Twenty seven of the Matriculants at the school achieved a Bachelor’s pass in the 2013 Matric examination.

Lou-Anne Lubbe, PfP to Principal Nkosilungile Lolwana, says that “The Art of Possibility for this school is to exceed an 85% Matric pass rate.”

PfP caught up with Nkosilungile to discuss how the school went about achieving this impressive improvement in results:

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Tswelopele's New Library

Tswelopele Secondary School, situated in Midrand, was the fortunate recipient of a new library courtesy of Microsoft South Africa. The school is housed in containers and a team from Microsoft South Africa converted one of the unused containers into a library. A human chain of volunteers unloaded books, painted stools and installed shelving in the library on Thursday, 13 February 2014. All the books in the library were either purchased by Microsoft South Africa or donated by its employees.

The new library is especially welcome because the school already has an initiative in place, Drop Everything And Read (DEAR), that encourages reading and aims to instil a love for reading amongst the learners. DEAR is a dedicated 20 minute period during each school day in which learners stop what they are doing and read. Due to a lack of recreational books, many learners read from their text books during this period.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog The Values Footprint Project

Cape Town Leadership Circle (LC) 4 has recently launched the second part of their journey as Partners for Possibility (PfP). Their participation in the Leadership Development Programme has formally come to and end but the PfPs have decided to continue working together in their schools and their community. They are now engaged in a project known as the Values Footprint Project.

The Values Footprint Project (VFP) is a partnership between the schools in LC 4 and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) - HIV/AIDS and Life Skills Programme. According to their Learning Process Facilitator (LPF), Erica Jacobs, this initiative has strengthened the relationship between the schools, the WCED and the Metro North Education District (MNED). The VFP also involves parents meetings to ensure that the whole school community is on board.

The project has a set of core values that are each represented by a colour. The first value that the project launched with is “caring”, which is represented by the colour red. The schools will have red material draped in various places on the school premises where it will be visible to the community. Learners at the participating schools will also be engaging in activities that will reinforce the value over a period of six weeks.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Cape Stationery Supports PfP

Brian Howe is, in his own words, “a proud Partner for Possibility”.  He completed the Partners for Possibility (PfP) Programme in 2013. During this time, Brian became well-acquainted with the challenges that schools, learners and parents face. One of the challenges he identified, is that most learners are unable to afford good quality stationery. Brian then came up with a creative solution to address this problem.

Operating from his current offices in Westlake, where he also runs his strategy business, Brian has successfully managed to set up Cape Stationery as a “virtual” stationery re-seller. By putting in his own resources and time, Brian keeps costs down.  He also uses his business experience to negotiate better prices from the wholesaler, meaning that he can offer quality products to parents, learners and schools at affordable prices.

In addition, a percentage of Cape Stationery’s profit will go towards sponsoring a Partnership in the PfP Programme. Since the start of Brian’s initiative in November 2013, over R9 000 has been raised for PfP.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Louise Van Rhyn on Plexus Radio


Louise van Rhyn participated in a Plexus Radio interview on Friday 10th January 2014.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog PfP on Growing Tomorrow

Partners for Possibility had the opportunity to be featured on Growing Tomorrow. This programme focusses on development issues like: Small Business & Finance, Community Development, Job Creation & Skills Development as well as Land Matters.


Rosie Chirongoma represented PfP in this insert. Watch the insert below and feel free to email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries about the Partners for Possibility initiative.

30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Pedal for Possibility

Partners for Possibility has been selected as a beneficiary of this year’s 99er Cycle Tour and Mountain Bike Challenge. Bring the whole family and come and spend the morning with us!

The 99er is the third largest road race in the Western Cape and a percentage of the profit that is generated is donated to education-based initiatives such as PfP.

To support our fundraising, you can either cycle or participate in the family Fun Walk. If you are unable to attend, but would still like to contribute to empowering a Principal to lead change in their school community, you can make a donation via our GivenGain page:

Join us on the 8th of February 2014 and help us make a difference in the lives of thousands of learners.


30 November -1, 00:00

PfP Blog Partners for Possibility chosen as WDC 2014 Education Initiative

Congratulations to Cape Town for being selected as the 2014 World Design Capital and congratulations to Partners for Possibility for being chosen as one of the projects to be showcased in the WDC 2014!

With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas, design has become an increasingly fundamental tool in all levels of public and private development – helping us all live life to our full potential!

30 November -1, 00:00


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