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Cloetesville High School Cloetesville High School Annual Report

Deon Myburgh, the manager for ICT Operations at Mediclinic Southern Africa and Principal Dorian Meyer of Cloetesville High School believe their PfP partnership has been a ‘real match made in heaven’ - not only for them, but for the learners and the community.

This gang-infested, drug-ridden quintile 4 school in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch caters for children from under-privileged backgrounds. High unemployment rates among the parents of the learners means only a few percentage of the parents can afford to pay school fees. Currently, the school serves 1,152 students and has 39 teachers.

To compound an already formidable schooling environment, less than 5% of the students pursue their studies after matric even though most Grade 12 learners achieve matric results which make them eligible to further their studies. In 2017, 63,5% of learners obtained a matric pass, with 27% obtaining a Bachelors pass and 34% a Diploma pass.

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