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The Partners for Possibility initiative has a goal to strengthen the fabric of society through leading and initiating projects and conversations that are intended to engage South Africans in Active Citizenship.

Our vision of "Quality Education for all South African children by 2025" would not be possible to achieve without our strong network of supporters and the partnerships we have built with certain organisations and businesses in South Africa and the world.

Department of EducationUniversity of the Western CapeSouth African Principals Association
MySchool MyVillage MyPlanetThe Governing Body FoundationEdunova
 Play Your PartDemocracy Development ProgrammeCape Stationery


Ikamva Labantu

Achieve-It Charitable Trust

The Norkitt Education Leadership Initiative
 DQ Institute 

Worldsview AcademyGordon Institute of Business ScienceTime To Think
 D6 Group 

StickMiranda Freelance Design StudioMultidimensionsWebfactory

We Can ChangeThe Scenic SouthSpice4Life



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