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Priscilla Daniels

Priscilla S. Daniels is the director of the Community Engagement Unit since 2010, and is responsible for facilitating and coordinating community engagement activities at UWC.  Prior to this she was managed the Community Higher Education Services Partnership at UWC and was the Chairperson of the Department of Human Ecology and Dietetics.  She currently serves as an Executive Board member of the South African Higher Education Community Engagement Forum.  
Professor Daniels completed her MSc at Cornell University in the US in 1991 and prior to that completed several degrees at the University of Western Cape.  Prior to her involvement in community engagement and service-learning, teaching and research in the area of family studies and management were key areas of interest and she has always employed experiential learning methods. 
Prof. Daniels has a passion for mentoring and engaging in staff development and she has authored various articles in this area.  She has published extensively and also presented at numerous conferences in the fields of service-learning, education, human ecology and family development. 


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