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Thembani Primary School Increase in Parental Involvement at Thembani Primary School

Parental involvement at Thembani Primary School situated in Langa, which is in Cape Town, has started increasing. Below, the Principal, Thobela Guzana, shares how the school went about achieving this:

Thembani Public Primary School has three key partners in improving our school – the children, the parents and the educators. The School Governing Body (SGB) also plays an important role. Increasing the involvement of our parents in their children’s education is a key objective in our 2014 strategic plan.

Up until 2013, parent meetings were held on Sunday mornings and attendance was very low.  In mid-2013, we invited parents to meetings midweek after 17h30, and provided tea and biscuits for the first time.  We noticed an immediate increase in attendance and this increased each term.  At the end of 2013, we sent out our first 4-page Xhosa newsletter, giving parents an overview of the successes of the year. This was part of our attempt to improve communication between parents and the school.  We also adopted the bulk SMS service, which was offered through Partners for Possibility (PfP) as a means of sending invitations to parents, and we started to update our parent contact records through the parents register at parents meetings.



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