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Tshwane change leaders uniting for quality for all South African children with Partners for Possibility

Partners for Possibility welcomed ten new partnerships into its growing Gauteng base on Thursday 4 February at SAGE VIP in Pretoria. As Tshwane’s sixth group of change leaders join our growing network of 384 schools that have benefitted from the program, their mutual objective is to strive for a higher standard in quality of education for all South African children. Marking the beginning of a partnership with great possibility, each individual has taken up the responsibility of working towards addressing the social challenges faced in our education system.


The partnerships of Tshwane Leadership Circle 6

Marichen Mortimer, the Learning Process Facilitator for the group who’s responsibility it is to ensure the sustained efforts of the partnerships are maintained, encouraged the group to seek inspiration from the social cohesion of meerkats. That with sustained effort the group can enjoy a similar picture of mutual achievement and translate their work into national transformation.

Jansie Rautenbach, Partners for Possibility COO added, “Social cohesion is at the heart of the Partners for Possibility program. Economic development is made possible through human cooperation and it is through this initiative that we can trigger a movement of active citizenship.”

Principal, Thoko Zikhali from Mahube Valley Secondary School spoke of her school with pride at their performance in the 2015 matric results, achieving 3rd place in the Mamelodi district. Even with a school over-filled to it’s capacity, Mr Suren Reddy, principal of Jakaranda Primary in Ladium showed up with determined enthusiasm for positive change, seeking creative ideas and solutions to challenges faced by his school in Ladium.

Marichen’s presentation urged all to commit to changing the community story from one of deficiency and lack to a story of promise and possibility. Business leader Jacqui Ramakuela, Africa Legal Specialist from SAGE expressed her passion for South African youth and education, “I find purpose in making genuine contributions for sustained change. Our youth need more than hand outs, they need to be supported in order to succeed.”

Owning responsibility for our environments begins with continuously choosing the context for our thoughts. Marichen shared an anecdote on planting seeds in fertile land with suitable conditions for growth, lending a profound meaning to progress of the partnership through mutual approval. The partnership is largely dependent on skills and knowledge transfer, building a co-learning relationship with focus on strengthening the leadership role of the principal.


The partners put their heads together to discuss their respective school's challenges

With inspired commitment to action, the group received their textbook packages marking their new start in a journey of learning and discovery. In the coming weeks, the group will undergo a series of training sessions on Leadership Development. The program also encourages cross-learning within the group at meetings called Community of Practice sessions, that sharing is a starting point for learning and for a intersectional network of support to flourish.


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