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New beginnings emerge as we welcome the 18th Johannesburg Leadership Circle

The bright faces of the Learner Representative Council at Malvern Primary School ushered 6 new Partners for Possibility partnerships into their hallways for the launch and first meeting of the 18th Johannesburg Leadership Circle, making Joburg the fastest growing region for the program. The venue gave the session an air of childlike creativity to create solutions that put children and the quality of their education at the centre of the process.

Having volunteered her time and efforts to Symphonia for South Africa – the parent organisation of the Partners for Possibility program, the group’s facilitator Rosemary Clark has valuable experience and insight within the organization to help shape partnerships to their greatest potential. “My role as a facilitator is to sustain hope and participation,” she shared, “I look forward to sharing many memories with all of you.”

The highlight of the session was a tour of the school by principal Marcus Heradien, who led the group into the corridors of the small school that carries a big legacy. Mr Heradien teleported the business leaders back in time to the many classrooms that sowed their seeds of success. “Ultimately, every success in an individual’s life comes from learning,” he noted, “I am so proud to be a part of a movement that supports the function of the school in the development of the greater South African system.”

New partnerships pose for a picture outside the entrance of Malvern Primary School with Learning Process Facilitator, Rosemary Clark 

Conversation between the principals and their business leaders brought up a wide range of issues facing the education system in South Africa. Everyone agreed that educator’s and principal’s concerns are not attended to with the necessary consideration. This agreement lay the foundation for the planned solutions that each partnership are set to present during their year together. Each partnership will be challenged to think creatively and draw on their combined expertise to find solutions to the problems faced by each individual school.


Partners for Possibility extends a warm welcome to the partners joining the program in 2016 and are eager to see what new and innovative solutions the partners and the Circle come up with in addressing the challenges facing each of the 6 schools  in this group.

Are you a business leader or an enthusiastic principal? Make this your cause to shout for, sign up today to be a part of change within the South African school system by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









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