School @ the Centre of Community

Friends of PfP

We are privileged to have the support of a wonderful network of people who help us by championing our cause and opening the right doors for us. We are enormously appreciative of this very special group, who have signed on as official friends of our organisation.

Western Cape

IrenĂ© Raubenheimer

John Lomberg

Melanie Burke

Rod Fehrsen

Rowan Gordon



Abe Thebyane 

Bernard Swanepoel 

Brand Pretorius


Graham Haird

Kay Vittee

Khandani Msibi

Neville Nightingale

Oresti Patricios 

Orrin Klopper

Pete Laburn

Prince Mashele 


Robyn Whittaker


Timothy Maurice Webster

Thomas Holtz







Kwazulu Natal

Chris Du Toit

Mark Taylor



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