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Margaret Nthebule has been the principal of Ikage Primary School in Alexander, Johannesburg, for fifteen years and was partnered with Rapula Modibane, compliance officer at Nedbank. Margaret says that although Rapula's contribution to the school was not monetary, the skills and knowledge he imparted with them was far more valuable. "Rapula was so committed to seeing our school grow. He conducted several financial training workshops which helped our school management team which resulted in some successful fundraising ventures. He revived the professionalism within our school," Margaret said.


Left: Margaret Nthebule & Rapula Modibane


Peter Laburn, an independent consultant who has lectured in strategy and change management for twenty years, has availed his skills to Diepsloot Primary School, where he is partner to Joe Makhafhula. An adult education programme which boasts 295 participants was birthed from the partnership. Transnet has also stepped on-board and sponsored a veggie garden which 28 unemployed community members tend to in exchange for a stipend. Joe and Peter are intent on making this food-production initiative self-sustaining within a year.


Left: Joe Makhafhula & Peter Laburn





As part of Zylma Olivier's partnership with Winston Lerumo from Paradise Bend Primary School, Saturday extra lessons have been made available for learners. 19 volunteer teachers including her children and family relatives have come on board to support this initiative.


Left: Winston Lerumo & Zylma Olivier



Maemo Davhana and Serg Pather's year-long partnership has recently come to an end. For Maemo the highlight of his journey with Serg and Symphonia has been the immense personal growth he experienced. "I feel rejuvenated and have hope to carry on. Our school has benefited hugely due to my newly-acquired skills," Maemo said.


Left: Maemo Davhana & Serge Pather



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