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Like most principals, Andre was a teacher who rose through the ranks and had to learn, on the hoof, the complex management skills needed to run a school without any formal training. Sue-Anne, with a strong business background, had agreed to share her skills with him, and in the unfamiliar territory of a school, she too had the opportunity to sharpen hers.


Left: Andre Pretorius & Sue-Anne Bakker



Terrence Klassen, principal of Fairmount High School, entered into a Partnership for Possibility with Linda Roos from the Vineyard Spa & Hotel in 2010. Their partnership resulted in many highlights, including a hospitality learnership of a Grade 11 learner, Cameron Jacobs, at the hotel.


Left: Terrence Klassen & Linda Roos






ACT4SA (Active Citizens Together for South Africa) is a direct response to the call for action provided by the Dinokeng Scenarios.The scenario process developed three possible futures for South Africa: Walk Apart, Walk Behind & Walk Together.

Symphonia's Founder, Louise van Rhyn, felt personally called to do what she can to ensure that the "Walk Together" scenario becomes a reality in South Africa. This resulted in ACT4SA, a partnership between people who want to 'walk together' to Create Our Future. The ACT4SA network include citizens from all sectors who want to create a nation that works for all, that is truly "Alive with possibility".

ACT4SA has been focusing their efforts on Education – ensuring that we can 'walk together' to deal with the significant challenges in our Education Sector.

The Story so far

  1. ACT4SA Founding meeting
  2. Community Building workshops with Peter Block
  3. Metro South, Circuit 5 Education Indaba
  4. Safe Community Session that was held in partnership with the Community Policing Forum Partnership

Movement for Sharing Life Stories

The movement for Sharing Life Stories was inspired by the first International Day of Sharing Life Stories (held on 16th May 2008). When we take the time to listen to someone's life story, things happen. Through the Movement for Sharing Life Stories we support people across South Africa who want to strengthen the fabric of our society by creating opportunities for people to spend time sharing and listening to each other's stories. It is our experience that the process of story telling and listening brings people together and leads to more compassion and understanding between people in their local communities or social groupings.



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