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The isolated seat of the CEO and principal is not that different and both Elizabeth and Thomas from Multotec have started to realise this. The pair recently hosted their first Madiba Day at the school, a day Elizabeth describes as a "new Rembrandt tradition."


 Left: Elizabeth Seema & Thomas Holtz






Ashnie and Noko have been looking at ways to enroll learners and teachers in extra mural activities. Noko has been blown away by the support of her staff and the solutions they have come up with to ensure improved learning and parental involvement. Ashnie has also acknowledged her learnings and looks forward to the journey ahead. 


Left: Noko Leso & Ashnie Muthusamy



Kgabo Rammutla & Nicholas Bell (2017)

Dewald Opperman, executive at Volition Consulting, and Ernest Nhlope's partnership is off to a great start as they continue to build a solid foundation of trust. We are looking forward to seeing their partnership grow! 


Left: Ernest Nhlope & Dewald Opperman (2012)


Kgabo Rammutla & Nicholas Bell



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