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Adriaan Groenewald

Adriaan Groenewald is South Africa’s foremost leadership commentator and has sat with the giants of the Rainbow Nation and beyond. From the hot seat of the Presidency, Jacob Zuma, to the governor of the Reserve Bank, Gill Marcus; business leaders such as Adrian Gore and Alan Knott-Craig; authors like Deepak Chopra, and Steven R Covey; and sports legends such as Gary Player and Chad le Clos. Adriaan has met, interviewed and gleaned from them all. Adriaan takes pride in probing their leadership and success models and presenting them to the public simplistically and truthfully.


Adriaan’s résumé includes producing and hosting the current 2 hour Leadership Platform CliffCentral radio show every week which has in essence become a leadership master class, providing both current and up-and-coming local and international listeners and leaders, including school principals and SME owners, with cutting edge leadership expertise via interaction with successful CEOs, HR leaders, sports leaders, community leaders, opinion leaders and more. Prior to this Adriaan hosted the Leadership Platform Radio Show on Classic FM for three years, of which the third year was also broadcast on Summit TV. For years his Consulting Firm had a weekly full page column on the back page of the Star Workplace and he personally writes a regular column in the national Business Report paper, for which he continues to interview top leaders and in which he writes about leadership and life principles. 


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