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Gil Davidson

Most often described as 'insightful' and 'direct', Gil has a B.Bus.Sci.(UCT), a PCC coach accreditation, ten years corporate experience and more than ten years experience running her own business.  Gil’s education, expertise and personality enable her to bring a rare blend of strategy and Emotional Intelligence to the work place.

Gil says that, “even the most talented leaders have gaps and blind spots, but this doesn't limit their success.  Ignoring the gaps and blind spots is what can cause problems.”

“The same is true for South Africa as a country with great potential and many challenges,” says Gil, “ we, as her children, cannot ignore the gaps and blind spots. Each one of us needs to do our part to ensure that we close the gaps and face the blind spots in our country. “

Gil is impressed with the effectiveness with which Partners for Possibility does this and is thrilled to have the opportunity it gives her and other leaders  to engage in closing the gap in our education system by raising, encouraging and equipping leaders in education and business simultaneously.  She believes that the core benefits of the Partners for Possibility Programme are amazing and that the spin-off benefits are just as exciting.

Gil coaches individuals and teams of Rising Stars; those already in the executive-suite or who have the potential to be there.  


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