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Melanie Burke

Melanie Burke spent most of her 30 years working experience in the business sector, with focus on banking services and information technology. For more than a decade as a social and systems impact entrepreneur, she built her own successful consulting business and shareholdings in complementary companies. Her main focus is on building the capacity in people and organisations, through the use of technology, systems, processes and other business innovations and support mechanisms that create commercial value along with social impact and sustainability. Clients have included big business, small enterprises, government and civil society organisations.

Her tenure in the development sector (15 years) is complimented strongly by her dynamism and the ability to hold in balance the tension between the big picture and the underlying detail and above all to develop and execute plans, deliver value and quality through harnessing the individual abilities within and across teams. This makes her a very capable leader and development practitioner. As a generalist her skills in organisations include account/stakeholder management, supply management, channel management (including training), marketing and brand management, innovation / development / product management, project management, strategic management, sales strategy, business process re-engineering, contract management, new income models and leadership development.


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