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Prince Mashele

Prince Mashele is a well-known commentator on South African politics.  He is the co-author of the best-selling book The Fall of the ANC: What Next? He also authored The Dearth Of Our Society. Prince is an influential thinker who has written articles for South Africa‚Äôs top newspapers, including theSunday Times, Sunday Independent, Business Day, Sowetan, and others.

Prince has held, among others, the following positions: Executive Director of the Centre for Politics and Research (CPR); Political Analyst for Nedbank Capital; Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Public Dialogue; Speech Writer in The Presidency under former President Thabo Mbeki; Head of Crime, Justice and Politics Programme at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). Currently he is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study for Governance Innovation (GovInn), University of Pretoria. 


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